3x VSL Generator Review, Bonus & Walk Through

image_step2Let me run this math equation by you: sales copy + automation = bank?  This is exactly how the 3x VSL Generator will be the solution and your break through to that formula.

Seems like a simple equation that all business owners online and offline should be using correct? Unfortunately, majority of businesses don’t understand that formula.

Now we can all agree that businesses thrive or die on sales copy, right?

Well if we can agree on that, then we need to really dive into the rabbit hole here and figure out why most business still fail to sell their products successfully. The easy and vanilla answer would likely be that there sales material is not converting.

If I were to dig a little deeper into the reason, I would want to know why there sales material is not converting. A lot of business owners (like myself) try to do as much as they can themselves. For the longest time, I created my own sales copy. Even though I’ve taken courses on copywriting from some of the best, being fully focused on creating high converting sales material is a job in itself.

Some of the struggles I had with writing my own sales copy was identifying the one person I was talking to. When it comes to your product or service, it’s hard to take a step back and speak directly to that one person’s needs because you likely feel it can help everyone, right? That was what I had thought too even though I know that is bad copy 101.

I noticed an issue I had with my own conversations. My written sales letters were and are not converting like they used to. I noticed that a recorded presentation I was using for my sales process for one of my products was converting really well.

I wanted to see why this could be. So I decided to put a heat map on my written sales pages to track how someone viewed my page. I noticed that 72% of the people that landed on it went right down to the bottom of the page to see the price first. After I noticed this, I split tested the headline and that did not really change what people were doing. I then had this master plan in my mind, I wouldn’t have the price on the sales page. I would have them opt in and then direct them to the payment page.

Not such a great idea. If you want to see your cart abandonment rate spike, do that right now!

Now there could be many reasons why my material was not converting. One of the reasons is because when I created a written piece of sales material for my site to start testing. I would get too busy with other things to create the other one to test. The other thing I noticed as well is that I wasn’t appealing to cold traffic.

So when I started to see sales decline steadily, I did like what most would do…. I started to panic and get anxiety. I told myself I needed a copywriter. Not any copywriter though, a proven copywriter. I contacted several well known professional writers and they command a high price, which is fine if you are making great steady revenues.

For most online businesses though, they’re struggling with that revenue stream. So you can try to gamble on a unproven copywriter, but I’ve tried that a few times before and ended up costing more headaches.

Then a few weeks ago after I spoke with a very proven creator of video sales letters named Chris Hadded about creating one for me. Chris told me no! He told me that because his business it thriving so well with them and it’s his own products, he rather focus on his own business then someone else’s. After the number he told me that, I knew I needed to focus on getting my own video sales letter created.

After getting off the phone with one copywriter a few days later that charges $15,000.00, I noticed an email in my inbox about Jon Benson. Jon is the the creator of the “ugly video sales letter” Ryan Deiss has referred to in the past. Jon was starting to promote his newest product called the 3x VSL Generator & Formula.

3x vsl generator

I was familiar with Jon and those types of video sales letter videos, but I always thought to myself in the past that there is no way that those ugly sales videos will work in my niche.  However, I came across a company in my niche that uses only this format and they are making a ton of money of them.

After reviewing my presentation that was converting the best, I knew I needed to make the switch quickly. The longer I wait, the more money I lose. I needed to create my sales material in video format. The only issue not is that for my sales funnel I want to build out, I was going to pay nearly $22,000.00 in copywriter fees. Ughhhhhhh………

As I started going through Jon Benson’s  3x VSL Generator launch. He started to talk about how his generator will guide you into creating a video sales letter in about two hours. Now that got my attention!

In the next video of Jon’s product launch, he talked about how his assistant Amanda created a video sales letter that was converting better than their original. The first thought that came into my mind after I heard that was, I can create my own in-house copywriter!

When the cart opened up a two weeks ago I had to get my hands on it. I strongly believe this generator will change my business in the next three months by boosting conversations and increasing my sales. I wanted to create a review to help promote the 3x VSL Generator because I believe it will change my business and others that utilize it. I’m selfishly also hoping to get Jon’s attention as well because he has a private 3 day mastermind group I would do anything to be part of. (If I do, I will share my notes with you from what I learn.)

I decided to reach out to him and ask if I can promote. After I was accepted (not many were) I wanted to create a 3x VSL Generator video. I was not sure how to really provide a review or case study. So I decided to go through the  3x VSL Generator as you would once you purchase it.

This is what I ended up creating and the best way to demonstrate how this will change your business.

3x VSL Generator Presentation Review


This video is a little long because of the detail and process I put into it, but if you just want to see what the 3x VSL Generator will look like once you have access to it. I created this video.

3x VSL Generator Review + Bonus



The 3x VSL Generator & Course Includes:

The 3x VSL Formula training course: Over 12 hours of slide by slide video tutorial training and a further 18 hours of video instruction. This gives you the inside track on how to get into the psyche of your potential customers. This includes how to record, how to sell with your voice and how to fast track your video sales letters. You delve deep into the psychology of sales, neuro-linguistic programming and how to create powerful stories that really sell.

The 3x VSL Generator mini tutorials: Mini videos that give you the exact information you need to create each section and slide within your 3x VSL Generator. This includes instruction on your emails, blogs, copy and much, much more…

Automatic creation of your Power Point slides: This generator will automatically help you create these, saving you up to 95% of the time usually spent on this onerous task.

The Generator’s handy note taking feature: This little tool allows you to take notes anywhere within the system and tag it to the section you require. Once again, this is a huge time saver when you’re compiling the words you need to make that great, cash generating, video sales letter.

Create & save multiple video sales letter scripts: With the Enterprise Solution you can create as many video sales letter as you want, all at the click of a mouse.

Template split test: Your very best VSL’s, giving you the opportunity to cut down your split testing time and keep the best ones as a template.

Automatic sales copy generator: From scratch. Literally by pointing, clicking and saving…

Step by step assurance: with the detailed slide viewer, meaning you can edit, add slides and make your VSL completely personal to your needs.

Access to the 3x VSL community: Research says you have a higher chance of doing something if you are with a group of like minded people working towards the same goal. I’m not a big fan of Facebook communities, but this one is great because it is not too big and their are some great proven copywriters in the community that will help you.

That is not all….

You’ll receive Jon’s bonuses & I have some myself with one that’s limited to only 10.

First bonus limited to the first 10:

Part 1: 30 minute consultation to get your script made and start making back your investment quickly.

Part 2: Another 30 minute script critique or I’ll record your script with me reading up to for 30 minutes if your worried about your voice.

Second bonus: Live group training call to answer any of your questions

Third bonus: How to make back your investment with affiliate marketing with VSL’s

Fourth bonus: My secret on how I create & record my VSL’s that are not taught by Jon.

Fifth bonus: It’s a good surprise

3x VSL Generator Presentation Cons:

I stand strong behind this. I really believe if you want to change your company and really grow it you will need utilize video in every aspect. YouTube searches continue to grow and if you continue to stay in the internet age of 2002, your competition will eventually take the plunge into video.

I strongly believe that if you go through Jon’s 3x VSL Generator and material you’ll see an instant boost in your conversations and sales paying for the generator within 30 days. Like I said in the video, I plan on creating my own in-house copywriter with this saving me thousands in the future.


The 3x VSL Generator come with a 30-Day “Cash Earned Back Or Else” Money Back Guarantee!

The cart closes on Tuesday, September 10th at 12pm EST. So you need to decide quickly if you really want to break out and show your family that you can really make your business work for you instead of working for it.

I dare you to take the challenge and create one yourself. You were able to see what I created in a short amount of time in the presentation above.

>>>Click Here To Register Your Generator & Get My Amazing Bonus <<<

Again, the last day you can purchase the 3x VSL Generator is Tuesday, September 10th at 12pm EST

If you’re still on the fence here are a two webinars Jon hosted the last two weeks.

5 Brand New 3x VSL Generator Users Tell All

Revealing The Wizard (Peek Under The 3X VSL Generator’s Skirt)


  • Alec Wang

    Reply Reply February 16, 2014

    Hello, Josh,

    I just purchased Jon’s 3X VSL generator and course using your link. I wonder if I would still be able to have access to the bonus material you mentioned above.

    Your comment is greatly appreciated.


    • Joshua Belanger

      Reply Reply February 17, 2014


      Congratulations! Thank you for using my link. Hopefully my review and walk through helped you. Send me an email at josh at joshbelanger dot com – I can help you better that way.

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