Focus T25 Review – Shaun T Beachbody Workout

During our third cycle of the insanity workout program, Nicole and I heard that Beachbody was in the process of releasing a new program called FOCUS T25 by Shaun T. By this time, we both wanted to transition to another program.

The first thing that caught my interest about Focus T25 was that it only took 25 minutes a day. I was recently was reviewing some research that suggested keeping your workout short and intense will minimize muscle loss and increase fat burning.

I buy into this thesis because I have done both long and short workouts and have noticed better results with shorter workouts.

In FOCUS T25, Friday is our double down day, which is a good tempo to change our workouts.

While we waited for FOCUS T25 to be released, we caught onto another home based workout from Mike Chang called Insane Home Fat Loss. This focused on short intense body weight workouts.

One of the things we do not like about Insanity was our heart rate was always maxed out, and the lack of body weight movements.

When we discovered that T25 is designed to deliver a complete and intense workout in 25 minutes, I thought about the amount of time I could save and decided it was worth giving a shot.

I remember mentioning to Nicole that the one thing I like most about T25 is the fact that it promises to help you to achieve more in less time, which to me means efficiency. One of the things I say a lot is, “Less is more.”

We started off with the ALPHA cycle which is made up of five 25 minute workouts that Shaun T. has specifically designed to act as the foundation for the program. This cycle basically involves preparing the abs muscles for what is to come in the next stage that is a little tougher.

We did all the five workouts starting with cardio on Day 1.

We then proceeded to Speed 1.0 which focused more on burning calories. I must admit, it was not easy at first trying to coordinate some of the interesting moves that Shaun has incorporated in there, such as squat-thrust-crisscross.You will understand when you do the program.

Up next was the “Total Body Circuit”. On Day 3 of the workout, we focused on the lower and upper parts of the body, literally the whole body.  Let me confess that I was totally soaked at the end of workout!

This one and Speed 3.0 in the Gamma cycle are the toughest of the program.

The fourth stage (Abs Intervals) was all about hitting really hard on the abs followed by an interval for cardio then getting back to hitting the abs again.

We began the final stage of the Alpha cycle (Lower Focus) on Day 5, with an entertaining fast warm-up before diving into the deep pulse lunges that had no break at all. For maximum results on Day 5, you have the option to double down.

Nicole typically does both work-outs, however, I usually save it for Saturday, which is a rest day in the program.

The next level after Alpha is the Beta Cycle. We started after a period of four weeks as instructed in the schedule.

As soon as we got on the beta cycle, we quickly realized that most of the workouts in this cycle were more or less intense versions of the workouts we had already done during the Alpha cycle.

We started with Core Cardio, then Speed 2.0 .

We then proceeded to do RIPT CIRCUIT which focused on stretching the entire body. The fourth stage was the “Dynamic Core”. We achieved some amazing burn, minus the usual ab exercises.

In the final workout of the beta cycle, we concentrated on the upper part of the body. This gave me the best chance to build up my upper body strength.  I had a lot of fun carving my chest, back and as well as my shoulders.

At the end of the two cycles, it was easy to conclude that FOCUS T25 was in fact our favorite.

This discovery inspired us to try the GAMMA Cycle workouts, basically an advanced T25 workout. We started with the RIPT UP level to strengthen our biceps and all the areas up to the shoulders including the back and chest. This stage is also known as Shaun’s 360° Upper-Body Moves.

We proceeded with the EXTREME CIRCUIT which was focused on workouts aimed at building lean muscle while burning fat at the same time. The weights never left our hands all through this session.

THE PYRAMID session was more of an endurance test for cardio and strength as a way to usher in the final workout under gamma, SPEED 3.0 WORKOUT. I would call it the sweatiest part of Gamma because it took me to a level where I literally felt sweat pouring out.

We always started on Monday through Friday, even though the program instructed us to rest on Saturday. We did work out, but usually avoided stretching on Sundays. I use a foam roller every day to stretch my muscles.

Nicole and I agreed to use the PURE STRENGTH Hybrid Calendar at first, which covers the two main cycles of the program i.e ALPHA &  BETA plus the advanced gamma round. We also tried with the PURE GAMMA Calendar for the gamma round.

 Things We Liked

  • 25 minutes of non-stop moving, plus 3 minutes of stretching at the end.
  • The program combines cardio and body weight workouts.
  • Gamma includes fast paced workouts with weights or resistance bands, plus the opportunity to use a pull up bar.  I really love pull ups!

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Wish the program was longer. It has been our favorite so far and wish we had more workouts. We are doing a hybrid at this point.


I would 100% say FOCUS T25 is my #1 so far.

I like the fact that I can take a small break from a busy day and dive into a result-guaranteed workout session that is no more than 25 minutes. It helps me to ensure that my time is well spent across the day without compromising my health.

Overall we just love this program. If you want to be able to take a quick break to get a truly intense and challenging workout from a small break of 25 minutes, let this be your go to workout program.

We are going to try the new P90x3 from Beachbody, I’ll let you know how that goes

Let me know your thoughts below and if you have done any of the Beachbody workouts or FOCUS T25.

I wish you healthy success!

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